October 1, 2021

Event Managers, WTF?

Saturday morning. For some reason, I am in the mood for reading all the comments and feedback we received after the super successful first edition of our conference - Present to Succeed Conference.

Two hours. That's how much it took me to go through everything. Now, one can say that's quite a lot of feedback but that's not what stunned me. You know what did, though? What was written by all those incredible people that decided to join us for three days and learn from some of the brightest storytellers, presentation designers, data visualization experts, and public speakers.

Let me cut to the chase cause I know you are busy. These three below were listed numerous times as the reasons why people considered our conference as one of the best in their lives. Read carefully:

Everything was starting and ending on time.

The content was on a top level.

The platform didn't crash.


I don't know. 3000 people from 53 countries. I just don't know. I don't know how is it possible for people to think that this is what makes an event a top event. These three must be a given, right? Am I wrong? Like... is there something I am missing here?

Event managers. Step your game up. Our audiences deserve more.

Organizations. You that are asking for help and working with external partners for your event or conference. Demand more...

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