July 28, 2021

Execs, your assistants won't do the job.

You want to outsource your presentation to someone at your team or company but you are not planning to collaborate during the process!?

Let's start here.

I am completely, 100% all in for you to do it. I also do it. We don't have time. In my case, I even run a boutique presentation agency and that gives me the privilige to have an incredible team of storytellers, presentation designers and overall people who can support me any time I need help. However...

I am also there to collaborate along the way and most of you are not. You expect that the other person - your assistant, PR, Marketing team, or whoever, can somehow read your thoughts and prepare the story of your talk as it was you writing it.

Explain to me, please, how do you see that happening!? How do you think it is possible for that person who is nothing even close to an executive with years and years of experience in potentially various companies/industries to come up with the words you want to say?

Side note here: I am sure there are companies where this can work and congrats to you for being the exception to the rule!

Two very quick examples here with customers of ours:

1. Huge multinational that you may even be buying your groceries from. They reach out to us for the presentation of their CEO telling us:

We are going to write the story, you just help us make the slides look world-class.

Red flag! 🛑

We warned them numerous times along the way that the CEO needs to be part of this. They didn't stoop saying: "It's OK. We understand what she needs very well.". At the end, the project cost was triple the expected. Why? Because we have created the world-class design based on the story they wrote and then once she saw the end product, she asked: "Who wrote this?".

2. Very large bank institution. Again a presentation that the CEO is working on in collaboration with his CCO. A document in this case that will be presented by the CEO in front of the owner of the bank. Collaborated with them from the start. The executive was all in for each and every question we had. Presentation done on time. Result - instead of them letting go 60 people(which was the request of the owner), they actually convinced him through this same presentation to open almost 100 new positions! 

Presentations are something extremely personal. They represent you and put your name on the line. Thus, you need to play a huge role in their creation so that at the end, you feel comfortable with what you have and from there - confident in what's going to happen.

Please, dear exec, ask for help from your assistant, PR, Marketing or whoever. But please, be ready to collaborate with them.

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