May 18, 2021

Welcome Back!

5 years ago my life changed... some of you know. I was in the IT world doing databases but even back then I was super passionate about presentations. Because of that and because I pushed myself to learn and do as much as I can in that space, a world of opportunities opened for me and as a result I spoke at 25+ countries before I turned 24.

And then 356labs happened.

In the last 5 or maybe even more years, however, I converted that passion for presenting into a business and that's how presentation agency 356labs was born. Today this company is a team of 12 incredible people that work for many of the biggest brands in the world helping them write, design and deliver truly effective presentations and that's not all. We are also the team behind Present to Succeed - the largest, premium presentation skills event which in 2021 (first edition) amazed more than 3000 people from 53 countries.

A new life means new blog!

I stopped blogging when 356labs was started. Wait. No. I was writing but for 356labs's website. And a lot for that matter...
However, I have always had a blog and deep inside of me I wanted to continue. It was just me not putting enough priority on it. Well, that's changing.

Executives, this one is for you and yes, you may not like some of it.

In this new version of the blog I will be writing about everything around presentations, trainings and events(virtual & hybrid) but in a very much I-don't-care-what-you-think-about-my opinion type of style posts for only one target audience - managers, leaders, executives(or aspiring such). These will sometimes include some harsh words(knowing myself) but that's it. So if you are an executive, if you aspire to be such, or if you are an employee that cares about everything you do(including your presentations), these upcoming posts may be for you.

That's that everyone. A new life. A new beginning. A new blog. A delayed one but still. It's happening!

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