Why2 should your audience care?

That’s the question you need to answer when you’re defining what role your audience is playing in the story. How your character deals with problems as they attempt to achieve their goals will remind your audience of their own obstacles. Create the right context that people can relate to and you will give them a reason to care about your presentation.

Every story revolves around the main character – the centre of attention. In your case when you’re doing a presentation, your audience should be the centre of attention. Тhey are the hero, not you, your brand, or anyone else.

So, what do you do if you have no idea how to build a story that revolves around your audience as the main character?

Simple, start by researching them and using what you know to get in their shoes. Then, define the struggles your solution offers to help wdith and you will have enough to create the right setup to catch their attention and curiosity.

“  What does your audience care about the most. You need to build your story around the main character to define who is the driving force. ”

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Actions – What’s the audience actually doing right now that can be changed or improved? You should be familiar with the department’s current workflow to know how to optimize it.

Targets – What are the requirements they have and what are they reaching for on a daily basis that you can help them relieve by implementing that new solution in their workflow?

Goals – This is all about the big picture. What are the end goals that your audience wants to achieve? Grow the department? Get promoted? Achieve growth in specific business metrics?

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